Managing your parking just got a whole lot simpler.

Introducing the new PARKi smart phone app.

Customers can now pay for parking inside their vehicle easily using a smart phone or mobile device linked to their credit card and vehicle registration number creating a stress free customer parking experience.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

More people are likely pay for parking when it’s more convenient to do so. The PARKi app is design to be fast to download and simple to use.  The system includes an in built call back reminder service 10 minutes before paid expiry, with added ability to top up payment to avoid a fine.


Pay by Bay / Pay by Zone

Configuring the system to be a Pay-by-bay or Pay-by-zone service allows one service to work for on street parking as well as multi level off street  parking sites. The customer only needs to enter either their bay number or the zone number that contains their bay


Useful Data

PARKi’s online centralized data management system, brings all the information together, allowing daily, weekly or monthly parking reports. Generate reports by Iocation. customer activity, time of the day, or enforcement officer.


An Improved Revenue Stream

Funds are transferred through our secure encripted web server. The PARKi web server records the bay number, payment, license plate number and the amount of time requested to stay. Information is forwarded to PARKi server where charges are applied against users credit card and receipt of transaction is sent to users phone.


Parking tariffs can be discounted at certain times of the day or special event rates and clearways can be applied easily and remotely. Parking kiosk and meter cash collection and maintenance costs are eliminated.

Carpark providers can now offer their customers a secure way to pay for on-street or off-street parking, using a mobile device from the comfort of their vehicle. Customers can  access reservation, ticketing, identification and mapping services, from a single app.


The PARKi solution binds all these services together in a simple app for the customer and a powerful management

software for the parking provider.

Map integration

The PARKi app incorporates GPS maps, locating available spaces in PARKi enabled areas, with the added ability once parked, for a customer, to be guided back to their car.


Meter integration

PARKi operating software integrates easily with CDS and other existing
on-street meter systems, providing an additional payment solution and
the added ability of enforcement.


Enforcement integration

Throw away the chalk, PARKi provides real time operating software data information which interfaces with third party enforcement software, for transmitting from their servers to enforcement officers.  Current information of stay and time is accessible to enforcement officers who can access an
e-map highlighting paid spaces and for how long, some spaces have been expired.


Device Independent

PARKi provides a mobile phone management system which interfaces with CDS pay-by-plate CMS Software. Which provides real time data for transmission to a third party PDA or mobile patrol LPR vehicle of current paid and overstay parkers for enforcement


Permit holders integration

Council issued residential, service or disabled permits and university permits can operate in conjunction with PARKi.


Integration with bay sensors

PARKi can operate with individual in-ground bay sensors for real time management of a site. PARKi can view used as a payment solution, where
in-ground bay sensors are installed.


Merchant coupons and advertising

Add value to the users parking experience with site specific in-app retail coupons and advertising.

Find out how to add the PARKi mobile payment solution to your existing parking management strategy, contact us on 03 9696 0622


Customers can pay for parking using a credit card, via the PARKi smart phone app from the comfort of your vehicle. PCI-DSS compliant.


QR Code

Unique one use QR codes can be generated where a QR code entry/exit payment system is needed.


Virtual Ticket

Counts down available time left to park. Quick access to a map of where a customer has parked & ability to top-up a session remotely.


Find a park

Find all available on-street and off street parking using the PARKi location mapping function.




View past parking history and download

parking payments.




Link a users credit card,car registrations, iris scans. Ability to set up a user pay account.

Download the PARKi app at

Pay by Phone Terms and Conditions

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